Late Sh. Ravinder Arora

About us

In 2009, On a trip to Kashmir three friends, Mr. Subhash Gupta, Chairman Late President Sh. Ravinder Arora, and Dr. Vikas Jindal, General Secretary, observed a roadside accident and noticed how long it took for an ambulance to arrive. Shaken by the experience, they decided to start a free ambulance service in & around Ludhiana. Therefore, they started Samvedna Trust- a Non Profitable Organisation in Oct, 2009.

The NGO strongly believes in helping mankind with humane approach. By reaching the given location on time, Our skilled team offers prompt attention to the patient and helps in the stabilization of the patient's health. Our NGO is known for the unique care and attention it gives to all of its patients. Samvedna trust has a trusted team that works hard to deliver excellent patient care. Our team works with a feeling of social duty towards its fellow human beings, keeping in mind the sensitivity associated with the nature of our work

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Free Ambulance services in Ludhiana

Samvedna trust understands that much can be done in the spur of the moment to save lives, and we aim to provide rapid assistance with just one call, ensuring that the patient is stable and arrives at the hospital safely. With skilled manpower in Ludhiana, we are able to respond to the emergency requirements of the citizens, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do everything we can to save the patient's life by providing speedy service. Our ambulance service is the most effective medical option for severely ill or accident patients. In the ambulance, we also provide life-saving medications and salts, infusions, and possibly first assistance. Our top priority is to save the patient's life by giving them early medication.

Got recognition from Sh. Amitabh Bachchan Ji

The NGO got recognition by The Indian Express in its tribute to the heroes of the 9/11 program by the one and only Sh. Amitabh Bachchan Ji for the arduous work put in by the whole Samvedna team during the covid time.

Our Work


Samvedna Trust works hard with brail bhawan by providing free education and taking care of sanitary requirements of all government schools for girls in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.


During Covid, Samvedna Trust reached out to the vulnerable sections with rations & supporting frontline workers. We’d successfully provided public health support & humanitarian assistance.

Managing Mortuaries

The NGO has a total 1622 of time’s mobile mortuary. This service is completely free of cost to beneficiaries living across the India. Our services are free for everyone from anywhere.

Health Care

We’ve come up with the high-quality Ventilator ambulance service in Ludhiana last year. This ambulance has been transporting patients who require ventilation support since 2020.


Throughout the years, the work of Samvedna trust has been recognised by several organisations. This appreciation encourages our team to go beyond our capacity. We are privileged to be conferred with multiple Awards & Honours for the Impact we’re making in the society.