NGO Service for Education

NGO Service for Education

Education plays a significant role in enriching our lives. One educated person is capable of uplifting his/her entire family & can contribute to elevate underprivileged. But current stats of country are not so promising

  • 1 in 4 School going kids are dropping out of school. Some because of the lack of basic necessities, others because of their family's lack of knowledge, and some because they can't afford the education.
  • 73% of Girls in India never complete their school.
  • 33 million children of India are engaged in Child Labour and dropped out from school.
  • Looking at these current statistics, it’s time to spread more awareness of the education facilities provided to children of India.

    Samvedna Trust’s Contribution towards Education

    We provide the Best NGO Service for Education by taking small efforts toward education awareness, and extending our assistance in paying school teachers' salaries. Paying Fees for students who could not afford to attend school. We also support the schools with necessities such as electricity, sports equipment, and infrastructure.

  • We have provided the Salary of 6 teachers of Blind School Jamalpur Ludhiana.
  • Supports the teacher's salary at Razapur's Government School.
  • We have donated Furniture, Sports, and electricity material at Blind School Jamalpur Ludhiana and Correction home Ludhiana.
  • We have donated School Fees for 38 Students.
  • NGO Service for Education
    NGO Service for Education

    Financial support for competent students/ Adoption of competent students

    Education is the foundation on which the career of the students rests

    Every year thousands of intelligent and gifted children fail to go to school because they can't afford the school fee and other expenses. It's heartbreaking. Samvedna trust already working in the education field identified the gap and decided to fill it.

    Mr. Hemant Sood, MD of Findoc and Samvedna trust, a philanthropist decided to adopt intelligent but needy kids. He adopted 50 worthy students out of 100s of applications.

    A sum of approximately Rs 2000000 was allotted for their school fees, uniform, and other miscellaneous expenses. With the adoption of underprivileged students, samvedna trust took one step forward in uplifting society.

    You can also help little ones with their future by contributing your time and effort with Samvedna Trust. Join us in this path of making our country's future bright.