Best Healthcare NGO in India

Health is Wealth

Samvedna Trust truly believes that if we save one life in our whole life that is our biggest wealth.With this mindset, The three pillars of Samvedna Trust started this journey of helping needy people in 2009. Our Chairman - Mr. Subhash Gupta, Our Late President Sh. Ravinder Arora and General Secretary Dr. Vikas Jindal came together and started with only 2 Free AmbulanceServices in Ludhiana. Now, we are running 7 Ambulance Services all over Ludhiana.

Our team has managed to shift than 32041 Patients and 11379 deceased as on 10-12-2020. Our Ambulance service is free of cost to people within 40 km. of the radius of Ludhiana.

Our Contribution to Civil Hospital Ludhiana

Best Healthcare NGO in India - Samvedna Trust is trying to save people's lives by contributingour best in the healthcare sector.

Civil hospital

    We have Installed 6 Bodies Air-conditioned Mortuary in the Hospital.

    Installed CCTV Cameras.

    Donated 400 Blankets, Drawsheets for Operation Theatre, and 800 Bedsheets for Patients.

    Provided 4 AC for Operation Room.

    Donated Maxis for Pregnant Women and Baby Pink Sheets for Patient's Beds.

    Provided 3 High Flow Machines

NGO Service in Blood Donation Camps

Importance of Blood Donation

  • First and Foremost - Your donated Blood can save someone's life.
  • Before donating blood, the donor undergoes a free health checkup, which allows them to learn about any illnesses they may have.
  • Iron overload is the source of liver and heart disease. When a person donates blood, they shed 225mg of iron, which is good for their heart and liver.
  • Donating blood regularly allows you to get rid of fatty compounds in your body, lowering your cholesterol level.
  • Your body weight remains ideal if you are a Regular donor.
  • Donating blood benefits you not only physically, but also mentally, as you feel good about yourself for helping a stranger.
Importance of Blood Donation

Contribution towards Unknown Bodies

Contribution towards Unknown Bodies
Samvedna Trust gives their contribution in managing the deceased bodies due to pandemics or other Natural calamities.
  • We have performed Final Rites of Unknown Bodies with all the rituals.
  • Samvedna Trust donated Rera for the Pickup of Unknown bodies
  • Mortuary Van Service was provided for the deceased.
  • We have contributed 1300 pieces of Last Moment White cloth for Dead bodies.
  • During COVID19, more than 1000 dead body covers were provided by Samvedna Trust.
  • Maintained Mortuary for the bodies of deceased in COVID19.

If you are the one who’s ready to help the people in need & contribute to the upliftment of the society with necessary time & efforts, We welcome you to become the part of Samvedna Trust. Feel Free to contact us and become a member of Samvedna's Family.