NGO Service for Plantation

If we want to live a healthy life in a healthy atmosphere, we must concentrate on our country's plantations and greenery. The benefits of planting trees and improving greenery include:

  • Trees help us in dealing with stress, depression, and mental health issues. Studies have shown that if a patient spends more time with greens while healing, he or she will recover faster.
  • Trees benefit not just you, but also thousands of other people. As a result, by planting a single tree, you are indirectly benefiting thousands of individuals.
  • Air Quality is improved way more than we can imagine as plants and trees filter the air from Ozone, Carbon monoxide and gives us fresh air to breathe.
  • Trees reduce the effects of Flooding and slow down the stormwater runoff.

Role of Greenery and Plantation in our life

Role of Greenery and Plantation in our life

Role of Samvedna Trust in saving the Greenery

We offered our NGO Service of Plantation to Civil Hospital Ludhiana with their garden and lawns by

  • Samvedna Trust offered 3 Gardners for the maintenance of the Hospital's gardens and lawns.
  • Offered 1000 Plants in Civil Hospital Ludhiana.
  • Taking care of gardening and greenery in hospitals helps patients to recover faster and builds their immune system strong.
  • Join Samvedna Trust and give your contribution to our mother Earth.

Role of Greenery and Plantation in our life

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Ngo Services in Sanitisation Projects "Clean India Green India"

The key objective of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, also known as "Clean India Green India," is to clean India's roads, roadways, infrastructure, public areas, and every piece of the nation. Cleanliness not only enhances the quality of life within our country, but also raises our credibility in the eyes of foreign countries. Our government is trying everything possible to achieve this objective, but this is not enough. Every citizen of our country, men, women, and children alike, must contribute to this aim of making our country more beautiful & cleaner place to live.

How a Common man can Contribute to this Mission

  • Don't assume that our efforts would do much. Every single effort is contributing to the drive.
  • Educate People about this Campaign.
  • Stop using plastic and start using things that can be recyclable.
  • Plant as much as trees in your neighbourhood.
  • Join hands with Samvedna Trust volunteer for their cleanliness campaigns.

Contribution of Samvedna Trust in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

  • Under Our Honorable Prime Minister of India - Mr. Narender Modi's. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, 6 cleaning machines were installed in Mata Chintpurni and Mata Jawala Ji Mandir in Himachal Pradesh by Samvedna Trust.
  • We build Boys and Girls Toilets in 17 Government Schools of Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

If you wish to join hands with Samvedna Trust in fulfilling this mission the Feel Free to Contact Us.